Literature Live!

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Literature Live! is a BOCES-approved Arts-in-Education program. Plays chosen are from standards-based literature and are supported with teacher-developed lesson plans and reference materials. All performances are 90 minutes and weekday shows are followed by a question and answer session.

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"In a democracy like ours, everyone deserves to experience the arts. No child should need a permission slip to dream. Art is not a privilege. Art is the soul of our civilization, the beating heart of our humanity, a miracle to which we should all bear witness, over and over again, in every home."
- Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation

This is what Bay Street has provided to our students and the community. As a retired teacher of 34 years and one who has fought and is continuing to fight for arts education (specifically Theatre Education) I tip my hat and applaud all of you for a job incredibly well done.
Thank you for not only helping to create a successful production but also providing that experience that everyone deserves.
-Joe Minutillo


What is Literature Live?

LITERATURE LIVE! brings the power of the word from the page to the stage. Using curriculum-based literature, Bay Street Theater creates a unique learning experience by bringing professional theater artists together to present first class productions. The possibilities for insight and understanding of the subject matter are only increased when students can witness the characters from a great play or novel living and breathing and telling their stories right before their eyes.

Why is it appropriate for schools?

Bay Street Theater will select standards-based literature, and this program will be supported with teacher-developed lesson plans and reference materials. In addition, we will provide a "Q&A" session with the cast.

Who should attend?

LITERATURE LIVE! is designed specifically with middle and high school age students, their teachers and administrators in mind. In addition, Bay Street Theater will present the play on weekends for family audiences, and other types of groups (such as seniors, churches, and temples) who may wish to attend.

How can you book your group or school?

You can bring a group of any size from 1 - 299! Contact to book your school group today!


Literature Live Challenge Grant

With the help of the Century Arts Foundation, the Bay Street Board of Trustees is proud to offer the Free Student Ticket Initiative for the fifth year in a row. With this, student groups can attend a fully-staged professional production of a classic work of literature at no cost.  The Free Student Ticket Initiative guarantees that student groups, regardless of economic and social circumstances, are able to participate in this crucial programming. With cuts to arts funding in schools, this program continues to be more important than ever.

All gifts will be matched, dollar to dollar, up to $100,000! A $100 donation becomes $200, a $500 donation becomes $1,000!

Help us meet our goal so that over 3,000 students will once again be able to experience a fully-staged professional production!


Matching Grant Challange Lead Sponsor

Literature Live! is also sponsored by The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, Dana Foundation, Irvin Stern Foundation, The Moxie Foundation, Theatre Venture, Inc. and the Town of Southampton.


Quotes from Teachers and Students

The Literature Live! program consistently showcases superb productions of often-taught classic works; it dovetails beautifully with high school English Language Arts curricula, allowing students to experience a work read in class in a different medium, to analyze and compare directorial and authorial choices, and to think critically about genre, point of view, character motivation, and how a work changes from page to stage. The talk-backs with cast and director following student performances are an extra, enlightening treat. Literature Live! is a highlight of the year for students and faculty alike; we’re so lucky to have Bay Street Theatre close by and generously committed to supporting the education of local students.
Tom House, English Teacher, Bridgehampton School

I cannot say enough great things about this performance. The play was offered at an affordable price to students. It was wonderful to be able to utilize Bay Street for this student-friendly type performance...Having a play that connected to literature was valuable as a teaching tool…My students were so enthralled with the entire performance.
Jenn Fonocchiaro, Tuckahoe School

I would recommend this program because plays bring the book to life so the audience can experience what the character went through.  It’s like you’re right in the middle of everything that’s going on and you can understand the character’s feelings better. 
Student, Wyandanch Middle School

The response from the students who witnessed the production was unanimous in their praise for the quality of the theatrical experience and amazement that this story could come to life so powerfully in such an intimate setting. They truly felt a part of the experience and gained a greater understanding of the characters and the impact of literature on their lives. I hope this is a program that will continue for years to come and you can certainly count on our support and belief in its value to the students of the East End.
Debbie Mansir, East Hampton High School

It was an amazing theatrical experience for our students and they didn’t stop talking about the performance for days afterward. The work you do is inspiring and Pierson looks forward to future field trips to Bay Street.
Barbara Bekeimus, Pierson Middle & High School, Sag Harbor

The play was wonderful, actually I think it was probably one of the best performances I have seen.
Teacher, Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor

Dear Bay Street, I thought the play was truly amazing.  I thought the actors were spectacular.
Student, Bridgehampton Middle School

Excellent Overall!
Teacher, Upper Room Christian School, Dix Hills

I really enjoyed watching the program you put together of “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  The actors were great, I really got the message and the feeling of the Holocaust because the play was very realistic and astonishing.  What I liked the most in the play is that it was very realistic; it made me feel very connected to the actors and the play itself.

Your performers and staff are to be commended, not only for their brilliant performance, but for their hospitality to our students as well. This was the first year I attended and was able to see how enjoyable it was to the students. Mr. Minutillo did an amazing job making The Great Gatsby come to life.

 Sal Alaimo, Principal, Eastport-South Manor Jr.-Sr. High School

Past Productions Include:

2018 - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott. Fitzgerald

Photo by Lenny Stucker


2017 - Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Photo by Lenny Stucker


2016 - The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Photo by Lenny Stucker


2015 - Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Photo by Jerry Lamonica


2014 - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Photo by Lenny Stucker


2013 - Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Photo by Jerry Lamonica


2012 - The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Photo by Michael Heller


2011 - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Photo by Jerry Lamonica


2010 - The Miracle Worker by William Gibson

Photo by Jerry Lamonica


2009 - Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Photo by Jerry Lamonica