Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival: Eye of the Lammergeier

December 4
at 2:00pm

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Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival presents: Eye of the Lammergeier

41 min, Q/A with Dr. Blake Kerr

DIRECTORS: Dr. Blake Kerr, Alan Scott-Moncrieff
PRODUCER: Dr. Blake Kerr
EDITOR: Alan Scott-Moncrieff
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Dr. Blake Kerr, Anonymous

Thirty years in the making, Dr. Blake Kerr presents Eye of the Lammergeier that exposes the underside of China’s military occupation of Tibet and its shocking impact on the people of this ravaged region. The filmmakers returned separately seven times to document their story, and through never-before-seen hidden camera footage, we learn of the terrifying plight of the victims of coerced sterilization and abortions.

Dr. Blake Kerr is an accidental filmmaker. Thirty years ago, after he and his friend John Ackerly finished medical school and law school respectively, they went to Tibet with the idea of traveling with pilgrims and nomads, “like explorers from previous centuries.” But they witnessed more than they bargained for and ended up returning many times to document China’s prisons in Tibet and coerced abortions and sterilizations at People’s Hospitals in Lhasa and remote regions.

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