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Please note that Bay Street works with members of Actors Equity. Casting is handled only through our agent in NYC.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to return unsolicited emails and phone calls. We wish you all the best.

Please note: All submissions are accepted through agents only. This is for Bay Street’s protection as well as the playwright's. Unsolicited scripts will not be returned. Thank you for your interest and we wish you all the best.

Seeking: Equity Actors for various roles.

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Call Type

Equity Principal Audition


Date of Audition

Monday  February 26, 2018 —10am-1pm/ 2pm-6pm

Tuesday  February 27, 2018 —10am-1pm/ 2pm-6pm



Bay Street Theater

Corner of Bay and Main St.

Sag Harbor, NY



Will Pomerantz—Artistic Associate

John Sullivan—Associate Producer






M/F Actors. Refer to Breakdown



1 Contemporary Monologue, no longer than 2 minutes. A few bars of music song for those who wish to demonstrate singing skill



Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend.





Contract Dates: May 3, 2018 –JUNE 17, 2018


Elia Kazan – 40’s-50’s energetic and supremely alert, compactly built, with an extraordinary emotional intelligence. A man of profound appetites who exudes empathy and charisma. Is terrific at getting people to do what he wants because people sense (correctly) that he feels connected to them.


Arthur Miller – 30’s-40’s tall, lean, introspective by nature but capable of commanding a room when called upon to do so. Sophisticated intellectually, he intuits and deeply considers the moral implications of events around him, but also possesses a wry sense of humor and innate irony.  He admires Kazan’s great emotional intuition because he himself often finds himself observing behavior rather than empathizing with it.


Marilyn Monroe – 20’s- 30’s aware of her effect on men, possessed of a shrewd, natural intelligence and tender heart, which she never quite succeeds in covering up.  Her emotional vulnerability is both her gift and her curse. She is a seeming contradiction: while harboring no illusions about Hollywood and the men who run it, she is also led by a real and profound need to be loved for who she is, even if she can’t love herself that way.


Harry Cohn – 50’s-60’s powerful and pugnacious studio head of Columbia Motion Pictures. He lacks much formal education but has a brilliant, tough, pragmatic mind. Is capable of crushing people with his observations and sharp sarcasm. Is apolitical and supremely self-interested, but not without the ability to feel compassion, though he hides this well and is openly disdainful of sentimentality and anything he considers idealistic.


Roy Brewer – 40’s-50’s tough liaison between Hollywood studios and the FBI during the height of the Red Scare. He is fervently anti-communist, and believes the Cold War to be very much a war. Suspicious of the liberal sentiments possessed by many of Hollywood’s creative class.


Kermit Bloomgarden – 50’s-60’s – dapper and genial Broadway producer. He is a friend of both Kazan and Miller, and while he avidly supports Miller’s work, he is also close enough to him to deal truthfully with him.



Some Roles will be doubled





Contract Dates: May 31, 2018 -July 21, 2018


MANOLO SANCHEZ, TECHNICIAN (LIGHT READINGS): Supporting, 30s - 50s. Nixon's valet of 12 years. Cuban background.

SWIFTY LAZAAR:  30 -50.   Talent agent that represented authors and celebrities. Negotiated “Frost/Nixon” interviews on behalf of Richard Nixon. Bald and appears older than his actual age. Quirky.


MIKE WALLACE:  Supporting, 40s - 50s. American journalist most known for being one of the original correspondents on “60 Minutes.”

JOHN BRIT: 30 -50. BBC's director of news and current affairs. Producer for the Frost team.  British accent.


BOB ZELNICK: Supporting, 30 -50. Executive Editor of the Frost/Nixon Interviews. American Journalist, executive editor of the “Frost/Nixon” interviews.


CAROLINE CUSHING: Supporting, 20s - 30s. David Frost's girlfriend. Lives in Monte Carlo. Fashion model, tall and slim, very attractive. Ability to do French accent helpful.


RICHARD NIXON: 60s-70s, America’s 37th President. A tireless campaigner, a survivor of political battles.

JIM RESTON : Supporting, 30 -50. American author and journalist. Researcher for the Frost team


DAVID FROST: 30s-40s, British Journalist, comedian and host of The David Frost Show. British Accent.


JACK BRENNAN: Supporting, 30 -50.  A retired US Marine Corps Reserve Officer (Colonel) and a political aide. Nixon's post-resignation chief of staff.


EVONNE GOOLAGONG, AIR STEWARDESS, WAITRESS, CAMERA 1 OPERATOR: Supporting, 20s - 30s. Top female tennis play in the 1970s. Athletic with a mix of Australian and aboriginal heritage. Must be able to do a convincing Australian accent.

Roles will be doubled

All of the characters are based on real people although being a lookalike is not required to be cast in this production. The ages listed are the ranges appropriate for the time the play takes place: late 1974-77.



Lyrics by Tim Rice

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Director –Will Pomerantz

Choreographer – Marcos Santana

Contract Dates: July 5-August 26, 2018


CHE (20’s-40’s) – Charismatic, intelligent, with a sardonic edge, CHE gives voice to the fear of increasingly dictator-like behavior of the Perons;  must be very strong singer and actor (TENOR)


 EVA (20’s-30’s) – Requires a consummate performer who can trace the journey of Eva from her teens in a poor village to her triumph as the face of Argentina on the world stage and her death at age 33; must be very strong singer, actor and dancer (ALTO with strong belt)


 MAGALDI (20’S-30’S) – a slick night club performer, MAGALDI is a striver who is not quite as smart as he thinks he is (TENOR)


 PERON (40’s-50’s) – an Argentine general with a strong sense of what it takes to grab and hold power;  a true populist, he is willing to do what is necessary to get his program enacted;  his relationship with Eva is both pragmatic and one of deep love;  must be a very strong actor and singer, and a good mover (BARITONE)


 CHILD (female, age 9-13) – embodies the most pure parts of the spirit of Evita singing in her “voice” after Eva’s death; must be a strong singer and should have some movement training