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Please note that Bay Street works with members of Actors Equity. Casting is handled only through our agent in NYC.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to return unsolicited emails and phone calls. We wish you all the best.

Please note: All submissions are accepted through agents only. This is for Bay Street’s protection as well as the playwright's. Unsolicited scripts will not be returned. Thank you for your interest and we wish you all the best.

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Call Type


Equity Principal


Date of Audition

Sunday January 29, 2017  (EPA Dramatic & Musical)—Sag Harbor, NY 10 am-1:30 pm

Monday January 30, 2017 (EPA Dramatic & Musical)—Sag Harbor, NY 10 am-1 pm

Thursday February 2, 2017 (Dramatic)—AEA 9:30 am-5:30 pm

Friday February 3, 2017 (Musical) -- AEA 9:30 am-5:30 pm


Location January 29-30, 2017

Bay Street Theater

Corner of Bay & Main St.

Sag Harbor, NY


Location February 2-3, 2017

AEA Audition Center

165 W 46th St.






Scott Schwartz—Artistic Director

Will Pomerantz--Associate Artistic Director

John Sullivan—Associate Producer






M/F Actors. Refer to Breakdown



For the dramatic auditions  prepare a 1-2 minute Monologue

For musical auditions prepare 16 bars of music. No Monologue.



Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend.


The Man In The Ceiling

Book By Jules Feiffer

Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Director—Jeffrey Seller

Contract Dates: April 24- June 25, 2017


Note: All the actors also play the comic book characters dreamt up by JIMMY.


Male, 35-50. Jimmy’s father. Funny. A middle-aged baseball enthusiast who writes SAT questions for a living.  [TOLEDO JACKSON] is an “Indiana Jones” type adventurer. Masculine, full-toned voice. Must be able to sing up to an A. Comfortable with contemporary-style musical theatre singing. Any ethnicity.



Female, 35-50. Jimmy’s mother. Funny. An interior designer capable of juggling children, family and career.  [BUSY BETSY] is a superwoman capable of being in many places at once to solve any problems. Should ideally be a legit soprano. Comfortable with contemporary-style musical theatre singing. Any ethnicity.



Male, An adult actor who can believably play 14. Jimmy’s friend. Funny, Quite simply the best at everything. [WIN-MAN] is a superhero that is the best in every conceivable sport. An amazing pop-tenor voice. Comfortable with contemporary-style musical theatre singing. Any ethnicity.



Female, An adult actress who can believably play 14. Jimmy’s sister. Funny. A truth-teller and perhaps Jimmy’s biggest promoter.  [HORROR-HEAD] is a super girl with multiple appendages coming out of her brains. Should have a great, strong mix/belt, with the ability to harmonize well. Must be able to belt up to a C#, but sings strongly in a mix/belt higher. Comfortable with contemporary-style musical theatre singing. Any ethnicity.



Male, A child actor who can believably play 12. Funny. Boy cartoonist who is a “flop” as a boy but a passionate and talented artist. Incredible voice, unchanged. Must be able to belt up to a D, but preferably an E. Comfortable with contemporary-style musical theatre singing. Any ethnicity.


Intimate Apparel

By Lynn Nottage

Director—Scott Schwartz

Contract Dates: June 5- July 30, 2017



35, African American.  Esther is a successful seamstress in 1905 New York who makes intimate apparel for women across the social and economic spectrum.  She is lonely, though she hides it with a reserved and pragmatic persona.  Underneath her surface strength, she is full of self-doubt and has deep well of vulnerability.  And there is a beautiful soul, someone who is passionate and romantic, a woman who longs for love and intimacy though she isn’t sure how or if it is even possible to achieve it.



50’s, African American.  Handsome and impeccably groomed.  The owner of the boarding house where Esther lives.   She’s seen a lot in her life. A bit of a motherly presence, but also tough and cold eyed about the world.  She would like nothing better than to see Esther, who is almost like an adoptive daughter, find happiness and love.



30’s, White, American.  Beautiful, a bit delicate and brittle, but also imperious.  A wealthy socialite married to a successful man she doesn’t love.  She finds release and passion by living through Esther’s burgeoning romance with George.  Somewhere deeper she has feelings and desires she can’t admit and that she holds as secrets in her heart.



30’s, Romanian Orthodox Jewish Immigrant.  Smart, masculine, playful, detail oriented. He is passionate about the fabrics he sells, and secretly in love with Esther.  But society in 1905 forbids a relationship with her, and his religion doesn’t allow them even to touch.  He expresses his desire through the texture, colors and smells of the beautiful silks he finds.



30, African American.  A very beautiful, liberated and sexual “Lady of the Night” who also is a pianist and nightclub performer.  Worldly, she’s lived a tough life, but she is also confident and comfortable with herself and her world.  There is a fire inside her that she expresses through her forceful and impassioned music. Must play the piano well.



30’s, Barbadian Immigrant.  Rugged, sexy, sensuous, dark.  Over the course of the play we see George in two ways.  First, through the poetic letters he sends to Esther telling of his life working on the Panama Canal.  This George is manly but sensitive, a worker with a deep and romantic soul.  Second, we see the “real” George who comes to America -- a bitter, desperate man looking to satisfy his own needs.  This role demands an actor of great range and charisma who can fully inhabit both sides of a complicated man.


As You Like It

By William Shakespeare

Director—John Doyle

Contract Dates: July 10- September 3, 2017



Female. Late 20’s/30s. Witty and Sparky. Should have a wide range in terms of being transformative.



Female. Earlier 20s. Sparky and a little rebellious.


Male. Should match Rosalind in Age. Be equally vital and rebellious.



Male or Female. Older in years, or at least able to seem like somebody who has been “around” for a long time. In touch with melancholy. Must have great command of language.


Male. Ideally older but most importantly anarchic and with a great command of comedy.



Male. Must be at least middle-aged. Must be transformative.



Male. Actor/Musician. Solid, able to play a little nasty. Transformative, 30s.



Male or Female. Actor Musician. Could go any way in age – must be able to play older though. Should be funny and wacky



Female. Actor /Musician Late 20s. Must be fun.        


Male. Actor/Musician. Ideally bigger of stature. Late 20s.



Male or Female. Musician/Actor. No Preconception. Musical skill is most important.      



Male or Female. Musician/Actor