Sensory Friendly Performances

Bay Street Theater aims to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience to all its patrons.

What is a Sensory Friendly performance?

Sensory Friendly performances are designed to welcome individuals across the ability spectrum, such as,  autism, sensory sensitivities, and/or intellectual or developmental disabilities. Sensory Friendly performances provide a comfortable theater-going experience that may be viewed and enjoyed by individuals with varying needs alongside their families and friends. Performances may also benefit individuals who seek to have a more relaxed experience while enjoying the performing arts.

Adjustments to the technical production and house rules include:
  • A reduction of sound levels with a focus on startling noises.
  • A reduction in stage lighting that may be overwhelming to some.
  • Additional ambient lighting so that patrons can better view their surroundings if they choose to move around or exit the theater.
  • Additional space to accommodate standing or movement.
  • Designated quiet spaces for those who wish to take a break from the performance.
  • All patrons are free to speak and leave their seats as they wish.
  • Additional signage and theater didactics so that patrons may better orient themselves within the space.

A sensory guide for visitors to Bay Street Theater is available HERE.

For more information about Bay Street Theater's upcoming Sensory Friendly performances, call the Box Office at 631 725 9500.



Bay Street acknowledges and thanks the expertise and guidance of Advanced Occupational Therapy Services/Comprehensive Therapy Services.