Bobby Collins

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August 29
at 8:00pm

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Observing and sharing what he finds funny, has made BOBBY COLLINS one of today's top headlining comedic talents.  His ability to truthfully translate the human condition through his hilarious characterizations and conversational style endears him to audiences all across the county.


Bobby is a native New Yorker who honed his talents at night working the clubs, while paying the bills from his various day jobs. Jobs ranging from history teacher to "garmento," before leaving the position of vice president of Calvin Klein to follow his dream of becoming a professional comic.


A dream that resulted in Bobby working alongside such comedic notables as - Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Chris Rock and many others.  A dream that has allowed him to tour with Cher, Julio Iglesias, Dolly Parton and Tony Bennett; as well as hosting VH-1's Stand Up Spotlight.  His appearances on The Jimmy Fallon Show, The CBS Morning Show, The Tonight Show along with HBO and ShowTime Specials, continues to win him legions of new fans, while adding to his solid fan base of loyal followers. 


From small clubs to capacity theaters, fans continuingly welcome him with, "Bobby, you da man!"  It's this relationship with his audiences that result in sold out shows everywhere he appears.  Audiences recognize his genuine love of what he does, and relate to his - We're all in this together - attitude.  Many of his lifelong fans relish his many classic bits, which include "...on the inside" and "...some of you aren't getting on the boat," as evidenced by the communal nodding in knowing approval, as well as the oft occurrence of an audience requesting, and then reciting back, such loved classics!


Every show continues to uproariously deliver a no-nonsense, tell it like it is, relevantly, raucous, dissection of everyday life in our wacked out world - through Collins' charisma, style, flair, and laser wit!  All of which has been captured on his 6 CD's and 3 DVD's as well.


With the publication of his book, On The Inside - Witisms and Wisdomisms by Comedian Bobby Collins, Bobby shares the wisdom gained while facing life's personal and professional tragedies and triumphs.  The book offers insight to how he obtained, and has remained, one of the industry’s most sought after talents, all the while continuing to cherish and honor his role as a dedicated family man. 


To simply say, "Bobby Collins is a funny man" is a little like saying, "The Empire State Building is big."  While they both are true - you have to experience them to truly appreciate the crafting necessary to successfully assemble such an American Icon! 

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