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'The Intern Experience'

Over the years Bay Street has housed an taught the finest interns that theater can ask for. Amy Apgar, our Development intern shares her experience as an intern with Bay Street:

“Write about your experience at Bay Street Theatre.” Where to begin? This summer was my first time working summerstock, and also my very first internship, despite having graduated college in the spring. In an attempt to gain some more experience and also to put off “real life” for a bit longer, I took the job of Administrative Intern at Bay Street Theatre. I thought to myself, living in a beach town in the Hamptons, a quick drive from NYC, and working in theatre, my love since my show tune singing, gay-boyfriend dating teenagerdom?

What could be better?

It turns out, not much as far as internships go.

I had the chance to work and live with some of the best and most talented young theatre professionals from across the country, without whom Bay Street’s summer season literally could not happen.

Seriously. These guys are amazing.

I also got to experience one aspect of theatre that was new to me – having been both a performer and a technician, I soon found that the qualities of versatility and flexibility that applies to these professions were also instrumental to my all-encompassing and slightly vague “administrative intern” title.

I did it all, wherever it was needed – from development to special events to marketing and public relations and all of the phone-answering in between. I came to truly value this behind the behind the scenes work, also without which this theatre couldn’t run. The Bay Street office may be one small room housing many desks, stuck unseen atop the stairs and above the stage, where we can hear every word of every production and have to turn the phones on silent during show runs, BUT – we fill the seats and raise the money to make the season possible.

Overall, my experience at Bay Street included a lot of hard work and literal heavy lifting, but it also included lobster rolls, beautiful beaches, nights at the local tavern, one memorable boat incident, and many laughs in between the recitations of  “Bay Street Theatre, this is Amy, how can I help you?”

Posted: August 14, 2013