What is The Grift?

How does it work?
Well that’s a loaded question when it comes to cons or grifts. We can’t tell you everything. But don’t fear. It’s theater—actors, props, and a full story. But it’s theater with a kick. And not to the gut, we promise.
What makes it immersive?
In this show, you’ll actually be a participant—if you wish. You can be  hands on or off. You’ll be guided by pros, and enjoy a theatrical experience like none other.
The audience will  be divided up into 5 groups of 10 to see the show. That’s a VERY small audience, so best to stop asking questions and get your tickets now.
Do you offer private parties or groups?
Glad you asked. Yes we can do! Groups start at 10 or more, so just email or call us for more info and a quote at boxoffice@baystreet.org or 631 725 9500.
I’m purchasing separately from my friends but want to be grouped together. How can I assure I’ll be with my other ticket buyers?
While we would encourage one person buying for a whole group, we know how your friends are with paying you back. If you purchase separately, please email us  Again box office? with who you’d like to be grouped with and we’ll make sure you’re together.
How many people do I need to attend?
Any number is fine!  Come alone or with friends. You’ll experience most of the show with a group of ten, and pairs and solo attendees will be grouped with others. Criminals make fast friends.
Is there an age requirement?
If you’ve got a child under 12 and you’d like to attend, do you really think you should be exposing them to a life of crime at such an impressionable young age? The Grift is best for 12 and up. If you’re a family with someone younger, and you really wish to come together, give us a call at 631-725-9500, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we’ll work with you.
Is there a coat check?
There is not. We’d encourage you to leave big bags at home as you will be moving around to different locations. And do dress for inclement weather. Cons work rain or shine.
The Grift sounds super fun, but I’m painfully shy and don’t want to participate. 
First of all, that’s not even a question. Second of all, you can play along and participate as much or as little as you like. You won’t have to do anything uncomfortable and you can just be along for the ride.
How much physical activity is involved? 
Although The Grift is set at a very leisurely pace, there is a walking between locations and a few stairs. Please email us if you’d like to attend and will need assistance.