The Grift—Non-AEA Auditions—Diabolical Muse Productions


By Tom Salamon




$500.00 per week



Rehearsals: March 9–16
Performances: March 17–April 3
Performances: Thursday through Sunday (Six performances per week)



Male and Female Actors with strong improv skills in the Sag Harbor, New York, area. Housing will not be provided. Due to the pandemic, Diabolical Muse Productions is currently accepting video submissions only from January 28-February 25. Audition Deadline is February 25, 2022.



Reviewing submissions will be:
Tom Salamon, Director & Playwright



Created, written and directed by Tom Salamon (who also delivered the immersive Accomplice at the Menier Chocolate Factory in 2010), the IMMERSIVE piece places 50 audience members in the middle of a two-hour adventure, where they have to con others, solve clues and try and take down a scheming criminal mastermind. Performances will take place simultaneously across five predetermined locations across the Village of Sag Harbor, within walking distance of the Theater.



Due to the pandemic, Diabolical Muse Productions is currently accepting video submissions only from January 28–February 25, 2022.

Please prepare one of the sides provided for the role of your choice.

Please slate your name and the name of your audition piece. Please include picture & resume with your submission.

All submissions should be sent to this link:
The Grift - Diabolical Muse Productions - Actor Submission Form

Stage Manager Submission
Stage Managers, who wish to be considered, may submit their resume and cover letter to this link:
The Grift - Diabolical Muse Productions - Stage Manager Submission Form

Diabolical Muse Productions, is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. All races, ethnicities and gender identities welcome.



DANNY, The Bartender's Grandson: Male Identifying, 20-40. Fast talker, charmer. Everyone’s pal. He’s a hustler, but in a salesman-y kind of way. Friendly, likeable, and engaging. Improv skills.
JACK, The Lifeguard's Grandson: Male Identifying, 20-30. Good looking, easy going, laid back, real ‘duuuuude’ surfer kind of guy. Improv skills.
GRADY, The Pianist's Grandson: Male Identifying, 20-40. Mild mannered, a little meek, a little anxious, and must kill it on the piano—any style acceptable. Secondly, but also important: Improv skills.
ELOISE, The Nanny's Granddaughter: Female Identifying 20-30. Cute girl next door type. You’d bring home to mom. Bright, sweet, caring, nurturer. Improv skills.
WENDY, The Chambermaid's Granddaughter: Female Identifying, 20-40. Any type. From lower-middle class roots, but she’s a go-getter, striving and achieving bigger things. Improv skills.
EDDIE “THE HAMMER” HAMMERSMITH: Male Identifying, 40-70. Large, imposing guy, gangster/boss-type. Wears a suit and hat. Doesn’t have a sense of humor about himself, a real stone-faced kind of guy. Won’t let on what he’s thinking or give any emotion away. Improv skills not necessary.
NARRATOR/HENCHMAN: Male Identifying, 30-60.Well-appointed, buttoned up, like an ad-man giving a presentation to a client. Roger Sterling from Mad Men type. Good narration voice, 1950’s style. 95% scripted, doubling as a character with a little improv.
BEN: Male Identifying, 50-80. Sweet, charming, kindly old man. We’re seeing him at the end of his life. He’s an expert con artist, but only as a hobby, like an enthusiast. APPEARS ONLY ON VIDEO.