Teen Programs




TEEN WEEK-LONG WORKSHOPS          9:30am-12:30pm

AGES 13-18

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Experience acting, directing, and designing all in one place.
July 24th – 28th          9:30am – 12:30pm

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Do you like acting, directing, or designing? Join this week-long workshop to learn about all three! Come work with Bay Street’s own Associate Artistic Director, Will Pomerantz, as he leads students through the fundamentals of acting, directing, and designing. Students in this program will work collaboratively in groups as miniature production teams to act, direct, and design scenes from classic plays. Each group’s scene will be presented on Bay Street Theater’s Mainstage for family and friends to attend on Friday. 

Costume Design 
Enter the world of fashion in Bay Street Theater’s costume shop.
August 21st – 25th               9:30am – 12:30pm

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In this workshop, students will design original costumes for various plays as well as construct their very own costume piece. Throughout this program, students will learn the fundamentals of costume design and construction. The week will culminate in an art show, displaying the students’ work throughout the week, for family and friends.




AGES 13-18

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Improv - Techniques and Styles                  
July 10th                12pm – 3pm 

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Do you like improv theater games? Come learn more of what goes into them in this master class led by Second City faculty member and Edcuation Director for the Treehouse Theater and Amnesia Wars Productions, Rob Reese. This workshop will explore the fundamentals of improvisation forms as well as how improv informs acting techniques. Students will exercise their improv skills while applying them to their acting repertoire.

Audition Technique Contemporary Monologues                
July 17th                               12pm – 3pm 

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This workshop will provide a road map for how to bring your best self to your audition! A Bay Street Theater Mainstage artist will instruct students individually on how to pick material that best shows their abilities to directors, casting directors, agents, and acting training programs.

Triple Threat Series - Acting, Singing, and Dancing                            
July 31st – Singing                   12pm – 3pm              Liz Caplan 
August 7th – Acting               12pm – 3pm              Scott Schwartz 
August 14th – Dancing          12pm – 3pm              Avital Asuleen                   

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This series of three master classes, offered on successive Mondays, are workshops in each of the Triple Threat areas of theater: acting, singing, and dancing. This series will provide students with a wide range of insight and instruction from various Broadway professionals. Students may opt to sign up for all three workshops as a package or individually.
*For Singing class, please come prepared with 16-32 bars of any song to work on if time permits.
*For Acting class, please come prepared with sheet music and a lyric sheet for one full song, preferably memorized.


Speaking Shakespeare Speeches as Soliloquies                    
August 28th                               10am – 3pm

*Please enroll by August 16th

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Most of Shakespeare’s longer speeches for characters are soliloquies—a moment when a character shares their inner feelings with the audience alone. This workshop will provide guidance to help you engage with the character’s emotions as well as interpret and speak Shakespearean verse. This workshop is a great way to prepare if you’re looking to perform a classical text. The class will culminate in a presentation of the students’ work on the Bay Street Theater Mainstage for family and friends to attend.