Local Auditions—Mainstage Production of Ragtime!


LORT Non-Rep



Ragtime: July 7–September 4



Local Auditions



Saturday, March 26, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

By Appointment Only



Christ Episcopal Church

5 Hampton Street

Sag Harbor, NY



Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY is currently seeking Actors with local housing for our 2022 Mainstage production of Ragtime



Scott Schwartz, Artistic Director

Will Pomerantz, Associate Artistic Director

John Sullivan, Associate Producer



Male and Female Actors. Refer to Breakdown



Please prepare a contemporary monologue and choose 16 bars of music. An accompanist will be provided. Auditions are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please visit the sign up page and schedule a time slot.

Covid testing will be provided to Bay Street at no cost to the Actor upon arrival of at the audition site. Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition

Bay Street Theater prohibits discrimination and is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Bay Street Theater encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.


Book by Terrence McNally
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Directed by Will Pomerantz
Choreographed by Christopher and Lauren Grant
Music Direction by James Bassi
Contract Dates: July 7–September 4

MOTHER—30’s/40’s, White. A strong, intelligent woman, with inklings of independence that are unusual for a woman in this period. She makes a big internal journey in the course of the show, allowing her heart to lead her to new vistas. Legit soprano with strong belt.

COALHOUSE—30’s/40’s, African American. Powerful, charming and charismatic, Coalhouse understands his own worth as a musician and a human being, and expects to be treated accordingly. He also has a sense of humor and fun, as well as a deep capacity for love. Must have strong vocal ability. Legit Baritone with solid high notes/extension.

SARAH—20’s/30’s, African American. Although perhaps less worldly and sophisticated than Coalhouse, Sarah possesses a powerful goodness and a strong belief system. She is not quick to trust, but once she does, she is fiercely loyal and passionate. Must have very strong upper range, as well as strong belt.

TATEH—30’s/40’s. A recent Jewish immigrant, Tateh is fiercely protective of his young daughter. He initially strongly believes in the American Dream, but eventually becomes aware of the need to fight for what is fair and right. Has direct access to his emotions, and is able to convey to others his excitement for life and work. High Baritone.

FATHER—40’s-50’s, White. Although not a bad man, he is a clear product of a time when men and whites ruled society. Although he is not demonstrative with his feelings, he has ability to perceive the changes going on around him and question his own ability to cope with them. High Baritone or Bari/Tenor.

YOUNGER BROTHER—20’s/early 30’s. Talented and impulsive, with a passion for love and fireworks. A young man searching for meaning and a purpose in life, and willing to sacrifice to get them. Tenor or High Baritone.

BOY—White, should read between age 8 and 10. The BOY is the child of MOTHER and FATHER. He is observant, and very aware of everything that goes on around him. He is good boy, but has a bit of mischief in him. He loves his parents, and sometimes has visions of the future he can’t explain. Should be able to sing a bit.

GIRL—Should read between age 8 and 10. The GIRL is the child of TATEH. Her mother is gone, and her father is all that she has. She is initially overwhelmed and frightened by the new world she and her father have arrived in, but trusts her father to protect her. Should be able to sing a bit. MOTHER – 30’s/40’s – White –A strong, intelligent woman, with a streak of independence unusual for many women in this period. Generous, loving, and accepting, she makes a profound internal journey in the course of the show, allowing her heart to lead her to a more expansive view of the world. Legit soprano with strong belt.