Year Round Administrative Intern Position 

Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY is currently seeking a year round intern to assist in the daily functions of the Administrative office. Starting in late September 2015 to September 2016 (full year preferred, winter internship available for the right candidate). Shared housing along with a weekly stipend will be provided.

Work directly with our Executive Director, Director of Development, and Marketing team in a fast-paced environment.

Basic qualities needed:
• Possess the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a specific department of the theater.
• Be socially mature and self-confident.
• Be able to take direction and criticism well.
• Be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively.
• Be consistent and dependable in work habits.
• Have good communication skills.
• Enjoy multi-tasking and creative problem-solving.
• Work comfortably and effectively in a highly collaborative environment.
• Must be proficient in Microsoft Suite, database experience a plus.
• Be willing and prepared to work long hours, nights and weekends alongside our staff to execute shows/special events.


Please send resume, cover letter, and references to:
Bunnii Buglione 
P.O. Box 810
Sag Harbor NY, 11963

No phone calls will be accepted.

Year Round Technical Intern Positions

Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY is currently seeking an Electrics/Sound Intern and a Carpentry Intern for our fall and winter season. Starting in late September 2015 to September 2016 (full year preferred, winter internship available for the right candidate). Candidates need to be self starters. Shared housing along with a weekly stipend will be provided.

Electrics/Sound Intern: To assist with lighting hang, strike, circuiting, and focus. Responsible for running shows and concerts, maintain lighting inventory, along with basic maintenance in the theater. Must have basic knowledge of electricity and be familiar with theatrical lighting instruments. Assist in sound system, clear-com, Q-Lab and monitor installations. Running sound board or Q-lab and maintaining current show. Live mixing for our Musical. Must have basic understanding of sound boards, amps, EQ's, effects, Q-Lab etc.

Carpentry Intern: Duties include assisting with in the set construction of of the 2015 Literature Live! production of Of Mice and Men, load-ins, and strikes of concerts and events. Must have an understanding of power tools, good carpentry skills Running duties will be required.

Please email a resume, cover letter, and 3 references to:
John Sullivan
P.O. Box 810
Sag Harbor NY, 11963

No phone calls will be accepted.



Bay Street's interns experience first hand the workings of an active professional theater, garnering invaluable work skills in the various aspects of technical production. Actively working with trade professionals in the rehearsal and production process, interns directly explore their own suitability to the demands and rewards of a life in the theater.

Interns receive hands-on training in an extensive range of theatrical skills through a rigorous schedule of production work. While working in various production capacities throughout the season, interns will focus their internship in particular fields of interest (e.g. Lighting, Scenic Construction and Painting, Costumes, Sound, Company Management, Stage Management, Administrative and Box Office). Interns may also assist designers and/or department heads. During performances, interns may also participate backstage as running crew.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to qualify, and must be motivated individuals with a strong respect for the collaborative nature of theater. Length of internship will vary individually depending on availability; interns may begin as early as May 1, and may be needed through mid September.

Applicants may submit resume, 3 references and a cover letter to

Shared housing will be provided within close proximity to the theater; however a vehicle is recommended. Along with housing, you will be paid a stipend of $100/ week.


Costume Construction/Stitcher: 2 positions

Assist with construction and alteration of costumes for 3 shows. Must have basic theatrical sewing skills. Responsible for wardrobe or running crew on all shows and maintaining current show costumes.

Supervisor: Costume Shop Manager

Wardrobe Supervisor: 1 position

Assigned to most shows and sometimes an entire season. Sometimes assigned to a designer as his/her assistant in New York to help prep the show for its arrival in Sag Harbor. Oversee the running of a show or season, freeing other personnel to work on additional projects. Ability to get along with shop staff as well as the actors is a must. Strong sewing skills needed, as this person is often handling the show alone.

Supervisor: Costume Shop Manager

Lighting/Electrics: 3 positions

Responsibilities for Electrics Interns include hanging, focusing, circuiting lights during changeover per the Lighting Designer's plot and paperwork; a board op or followspot op for runs of shows, and performing maintenance on current show an inventory. Depending on the need and priorities of other departments, interns might be asked to perform run crew duties in other departments. Each electrics intern will have the opportunity to be the board-op for one of the three mainstage shows and are also given design assignments for special events. Bay Street operates an ETC ION and Express consoles. Experience with both of these consoles and programming moving lights is recommended

Supervisor: Master Electrician

Sound: 1 position

Assist in sound system, clear-com, Q-Lab and monitor installations. Running sound board or Q-lab and maintaining current show. Live mixing for our Musical. Must have basic understanding of sound boards, amps, EQ's, effects, Q-Lab etc.

Supervisor: Master Electrician / Sound Designer

Carpentry: 2 positions

Assist in the set construction of 3 shows, load-ins, and strikes. Must have an understanding of power tools and good carpentry skills. All shows are built in-house. No running crew responsibilities. Must have a vehicle.

Supervisor: Technical Director / Master Carpenter

Scenic Artist: 2 positions

Assist the charge painter with all scenery and prop painting and maintain current show. No running crew responsibilities. Must have good layout and faux scenic skills.

Supervisor: Charge Painter / Technical Director

Props: 1 position

Assist the Props Director in the creation, procuring and maintenance of all props for each show. Includes running crew duties.

Supervisor: Prop Director / Technical Director

Company Manager Assistant: 1 position

Aid the company manager in scheduling and coordinating all artists' housing and travel. Help accommodate any and all artist's questions and requests throughout their engagement. Facilitate company meals on matinee and tech days. Assist with the management of all artists hospitality, stock and maintain green room and dressing rooms, plus miscellaneous production and administrative duties. Also required to work on running crews.

Supervisor: Company Manager / Associate Producer

Master Carpenter: 1 position

Assist the technical director overseeing construction, load-in, and strike of 3 sets. Build with and run carpentry crew of 2-3 people. Must have excellent carpentry and management skills. Maintain shop supplies and calculate materials needed. No running crew responsibilities. This is a salaried position.

Supervisor: Technical Director

Stage Management: 2-3 positions

Assist the stage manager in setting up, cleaning and maintaining the rehearsal studio. Running errands, coordinating with designers, director and stage manager, overseeing and supervising the running crew. Setting up back stage wings and prop tables, maintenance and care of props. Must have stage manager experience. All shows are rehearsed in NYC, must have your own housing in New York, but housing provided during the run in Sag Harbor.

Supervisor: Production Stage Manager

Administrative/Development Assistant: 1 position

Assist in all office and administrative matters, particularly development. Duties include, but are not limited to: mailings, filing, copying, answering phones, running errands, processing contracts, data entry and assistance with special events. May also have running crew duties.

Supervisor: Director of Development

Marketing Assistant: 1 position

Assist Director of Marketing and Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator with all marketing, advertising, publicity and public relations projects. Help create advertising, posters, postcards, flyers and distribute, posting on websites and social media, coordinating Playbill bios and all other copy changes and approvals prior to printing. Assist in coordinating approvals on all collateral and press releases with Director of Marketing and Marketing Coordinator. Proofreading skills and copywriting perferred. Quark or InDesign and Photoshop experience helpful; general computer and typing skills required. May also assist with general errands, copying, filing, special events, etc. May also have running crew duties.

Supervisor: Marketing Coordinator

Artistic/General Production Assistants: 3 positions 

These positions will be cross-disciplinary and will work in many different areas of the theater over the course of the summer. Responsible for staffing Special Events, including readings and workshops, the Bay Street Shakespeare Initiative, Bay Street's Gala, Comedy programs, and BLACKOUT, a late night cabaret.  Will also assist in other areas as needed, including run crews, load-ins, marketing and literary.  Must have some basic knowledge of technical theater, as well as interest in acting, directing, and/or new play development.  Will work directly with the Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director throughout the summer in many different capacities. 

Supervisor: Associate Artistic Director/Associate Producer

Box Office: 1 position

Assist in Box Office, including ticket sales, data entry, copying and filing. May also have running crew duties.

Supervisor: Box Office Manager