Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater

The Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre is a non-profit puppet theater committed to introducing young children and their families to a lifelong love of theater and the creative arts since 2001. They are among only 50 established puppet theaters listed by the Puppeteers of America (the only national organization of puppeteers, www.puppeteeers.org). Through puppet shows, puppet playgroups, family workshops, and special events, Goat on a Boat invites families in the community to be entertained and to become involved in their own cultural and creative education. 

For more information go to goatonaboat.org


Goat on a Boat @ Bay Street S 2016

All shows are at 11am



 November 26

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

Little Chucky heads to the Wild West to outwit outlaws in this cowboy adventure! With a fistful of bananas, Chucky rides into town on his trusty goat for a showdown with Big Bad Bart and his gang of bandits.  (*please note that there are no guns in the show).

“The Legend of the Banana Kid” features 20 of our hand-crafted glove, mouth and rod puppets, and a slew of flying and twirling styrofoam bananas.   

Length of show: approx. 45 minutes

Recommended audience: ages 4 and up

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December 31

A Couple of Puppets

Get ready to explore the world under your feet in this underground puppet adventure. Tunnel down with Worm and Sprout as they discover the mysterious life found inside soil. Along the way, kids help figure out the secrets that help Sprout grow! Award-winning performer Liz Joyce brings this ecological wonderland to life with multiple puppetry styles, projections and song.

35 minutes, ages 2-8, hand and rod puppets, marionettes, motorized puppets, projections

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January 14

Nappy's Puppets

Mother Goose has taken the day off and Father Goose must do all her chores, including the storytelling!

Try as he might, Father Goose just can't get the stories right....

Father Goose's Tales is a modern retelling of nursery rhymes, stories and children's songs that will entertain the whole family.

Shadow puppets ages 3-8

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