Equity Chorus Call—2022 Mainstage Season Production of Ragtime


LORT Non-Rep

$926.00 per week



Ragtime: July 7–September 4



Equity Chorus Call—Dancers who sing



Equity actors for our 2022 Ragtime (See Breakdown).

Due to the pandemic, Bay Street Theater is currently accepting video submissions only from March 14–March 28. Audition Deadline is March 28.



Reviewing submissions will be:

Will Pomerantz, Director

Christopher & Lauren Grant, Choreographers

James Bassi, Music Director



Equity actors for chorus parts in RAGTIME.


Submission Instructions

Due to the pandemic, Bay Street Theater is currently accepting video submissions only from March 14–March 28.

Please prepare a tape of the following dance:

Self-Tape Movement Prompt: Please find an object of your choice, ideally something of meaning to you. Create a mini “ballet” or movement sequence using that object to help move you through space/time. Lots of room to play and explore here. No more than a minute is needed. Feel free to add music of your choice, silence is also fine. Consider these actions: level changes, big movements, small/subtle movements, storytelling with your object of choice. See the Instruction Video for additional information. 

*Please film in landscape. Have fun with it! We are looking for playful spirits with awareness of body in space and time.

Please prepare 16 bars of music using your own accompaniment or use the accompaniment provided HERE.

Please slate your name and location. Please include picture & resume with your submission.

All submissions should be sent to the Equity Chorus Call—Bay Street Theater—Actor Submission Form.


Other Dates

The show will rehearse in New York from July 07–July 25. The company will be in residence in Sag Harbor from July 27–September 04.

Equity contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.


Book by Terrence McNally
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Directed by Will Pomerantz
Choreographed by Christopher and Lauren Grant
Music Director TBD
Contract Dates: July 7–September 4

Actor 1 (Multiple Roles) Male Identifying. Younger Brother, Henry Ford, Baron’s Assistant, Fireman, Striker, Clerk, Fan, Houdini – BARITONE/TENOR

Actor 2 (Multiple Roles) Male Identifying. Father, Stanford White, Jury Foreman, Policeman, Fireman, Rallyer/Worker, Conductor - BARITONE

Actor 3 (Multiple Roles) Male Identifying. Grandfather, Admiral Perry, Immigrant, Man, Willie Conklin, Rallyer/Worker, Umpire, Whitman - BARITONE

Actor 4 (Multiple Roles) Female Identifying. Evelyn Nesbitt, Immigrant, Conductor, Rallyer/Worker, Lawyer, Fan – SECOND SOPRANO

Actor 5 (Multiple Roles) Female Identifying. Emma Goldman, JP Morgan, Immigrant, Chorine, Reporter, Brigit, Newsboy, Fan - ALTO

Actor 6 (Multiple Roles) Female Identifying. Immigrant, Sob Sister, Kathleen, Rallyer/Worker, Newsboy, Fan, Welfare Officer - SOPRANO

Actor 7 (Multiple Roles) Male Identifying. African-American. Booker T. Washington, Man of Harlem, Haitian Immigrant, Rallyer/Worker, Bureaucrat, Lawyer, Coalhouse Follower – BARITONE/BASS

Actor 8 (Multiple Roles) Male Identifying. African-American. Matthew Henson, Man of Harlem, Judge, Haitian Immigrant, Fireman, Rallyer/Worker, Bureaucrat, Coalhouse Follower - TENOR

Actor 9 (Multiple Roles) Female Identifying. African-American. Sarah’s Friend. Harry K. Thaw, Sob Sister, Haitian Immigrant, Rallyer/Worker – ALTO/GOSPEL BELT

Actor 10 (Multiple Roles) Female Identifying. Woman in Harlem, Chorine, Reporter, Haitian Immigrant, Rallyer/Worker, Newsboy. SOPRANO