Teen Master Class: Improv

July 10
at 12:00pm

AGES 13-18

Improv                 Techniques and Styles                  
July 10th              12pm – 3pm 

Do you like improv theater games? Come learn more of what goes into them in this master class led by Second City faculty member and Edcuation Director for the Treehouse Theater and Amnesia Wars Productions, Rob Reese. This workshop will explore the fundamentals of improvisation forms as well as how improv informs acting techniques. Students will exercise their improv skills while applying them to their acting repertoire. 

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Taught by Rob Reese

Rob Reese is a New York based Teacher, Director, and Playwright working in improvisation, plays, musicals and opera.  He originally studied improvisation at Chicago’s Second City, Improv Olympic, and Annoyance theaters under Del Close, Mick Napier, Martin DeMaat, and all the other famous names.  He was subsequently a faculty member of the Second City Training Center in New York, as well as The education director for The Treehouse Theater and Amnesia Wars Productions. Rob has taught and mounted theater in a score of countries on five continents, and is a member of the Indie Theater Hall of Fame.

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