Quickest Thinkers in Comedy

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February 7
at 8:00pm

Like Whose Line Is It Anyway?  This show is for you!

With the Quickest Thinkers in Comedy you don't just watch the show, you're a part of it. Never mean, never insulting. The people they bring up become instant celebrities. With ideas and suggestions from the crowd there's no predicting the punch line. No show is the same twice! It's an evening filled with callbacks and catch phrases that the audience will be using for months or years to come.


"It's a live show that walks the high-energy tightrope of unscripted comedy. The result is an adrenaline pumping performance where anything goes, and usually does." - Village Voice

"We judge acts by doors. A '10 Door' act would mean we had to open 10 doors during their show so people could leave. A '1 door' or '2 door' act would be signed immediately. You guys are a '0 door' act!" - Woodloch Pines Resort

"The funniest comedy team on the East Coast!" - Mohegan Sun Casino

"I've been in the biz full time since 1980 and I can not laugh any harder! Al and Scott are masters at improvisation!" - Andy Scarpati owner of Comedy Cabaret