CALIENTE! LATIN NIGHT with Alfredo Europa, Mr. No Shame, & Mambo Loco

March 7
at 8:00pm

The evening includes three bands each doing a 30 minute set, which will then climax into a unique Europa-Mambo Loco-Mr. No Shame jam session that will have you in one of the most wild dance nights you will ever see. Mambo Loco with its smooth Salsa beats needs no introduction, having played at Buena Vista social beaches and vineyards all over Long Island. Mr. No Shame shakes it up with their totally unique take on Latin rock fusion. Alfredo & Europa mixes Flamenco beats and language like no other musician around since 1997 at the Wild Rose Cafe and has not lost its touch. This night promises to be one of a kind!

Formed in 2003, Mambo Loco has become synonymous with the classic music of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican origin. During the past several years Larry, Bill, Cristian, Wayne and Alfredo have been bringing the best of "Old School" Latin and Latin Jazz music to the Long Island area. Lead vocal and percussionist Larry Belford has been performing since he was a child growing up on Long Island. As an adult he has performed in or with many of the best Latin groups in NY including the Bad Street Boys, Charlie Rodriguez, Johnny Pacheco, Roberto Torres and Celia Cruz. His fiery playing and vocals are the focal point of the band. A founding member and highly regarded in the top NYC Latin circuit, conguero, percussionist and vocalist Cristian Rivera has over the past decade performed and toured with Frankie Morales, Tito Puente, Nestor Torres and Willie Colon just to name a few. Since joining the group in 2007, Alfredo Gonzalez, trombone, violin, percussion & vocals has added a certain "Sabor Latino" that only a person of his native Puerto Rican heritage can convey. A truly "versatile" musician in every sense of the word, he has performed with Orquesta Mulenze and Manny Oquendo y Conjunto Libre. Bill Smith, piano and vocals, brings to each performance a varied palate of musical styles. After obtaining his degree at Berklee College, he has over the years been a member or performed with the Skatilites, Monty Alexander, Dr. John and Bakithi Kumalo. Wayne Burgess, bass & vocals, also a Berklee alumnus, anchors the group with many years of live performance experience, arranging and record production. From coast to coast he has performed with Orquesta Opa Opa , Johnny Martinez Orquesta, The Drifters, The Coasters and Billy Ekstine.

Mr. No-Shame is a high energy, six-piece poly-rhythmic Latino rock band. Their original music is produced and directed by Chilean father-daughter duo Willy and Carolina Fuentes. Venezuelan father-son percussionist duo Aquiles Brito Junior and Senior throw down their contagious vibes, with Adrian Mora from Costa Rica on drums and Fabián Rodriguez from Ecuador on lead guitar. On this night they will be accompanied by special invited guests Ricardo Coto from Honduras on guitar, and a brass section from New York City featuring Trombonist Kevin Virgilio of the Hungry March Band and Saxophonist Rodrigo Bermudez of Los Chamanes. Mr. No Shame produces a mesmerizing eclectic stew of sounds due to the diverse backgrounds of its members. They have been featured in The Spanish Festival of Southampton, The Endless Summer Jam in Wainscott, and they took home a resounding win at The Battle of the Bands at The Stephen Talkhouse.

Alfredo & Europa has a style that goes from Sophisticated World Jazz European music to a more Latin Hot and Fun Danceable beat. You may have seen Alfredo perform his original songs and material as a duo or with his band EUROPA and the Europa Jam sessions in the East End at The Canal Cafe, The Stephen Talkhouse, The Living Room, La Plage in St. Barths, The Beach Hutt, Woolfer Estates, B.Smith now Harlow, and many other restaurants in the Hamptons. The Band is comprised of Alfredo Merat on Electro Acoustic Guitars and Vocals and Carl O’Brig on Saxes, John Brzoza on Lead guitar, Alex Sarkis on drums and percussions. For this show and for a bigger sound invited guest musicians will be around! Alfredo mixes Jacques Brel, Manu Chao, Santana, LL cool J, Compa Seguondo and many other artists in his music and jam sessions.

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