Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival: The Lavender Scare

December 3
and December 4

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Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival: The Lavender Scare

Sloane Shelton Human Rights Award

78 min, Q/A with Josh Howard

This award, named for Sloane Shelton the great American actor whose many roles were created from the depths of her honesty and humanity, goes to a documentary film that celebrates courage in the face of social injustice.

DIRECTOR: Josh Howard
PRODUCER: Josh Howard
EDITOR: Bruce Shaw

It’s the 1950’s and the U.S. is in the grip of the Cold War panic. President Eisenhower deems homosexuals to be “security risks” to the nation, and orders the immediate firing of any government official found to be gay or lesbian. From the midst of the longest witch hunt in American History, an unlikely hero — Frank Kameny, a Harvard- trained astronomer — is thrust to the forefront of what would become the modern LGBT movement.

Josh Howard is a producer and broadcast executive with more than 25 years of experience in news and documentary production. He has been honored with 24 Emmy Awards, mostly for his work on the CBS News broadcast 60 Minutes. Later he joined NBC Universal as Vice President of Long-Form Programming for CNBC. In that position, Howard created a unit that produced a series of awardwinning documentaries focusing on American business. The 90-minute film Big Brother, Big Business, won the Emmy Award for Best Documentary on a Business Topic, one of three Emmy Awards he earned for CNBC.

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