Goat on a Boat presents Dirty Gerts

March 21
at 11:00am

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Have you ever heard the phrase: "She thinks she's Queen Elizabeth, but she's Dirty Gerts to me! No? Well now that you have, come and explore the story behind the saying. Puppetkabob's latest pop-up creation, "Dirty Gerts," is a show about growing pains. With puppets and props made entirely out of repurposed paper products, "Dirty Gerts" is a groovy blend of pop culture, puppets, and colorful confetti, telling the tale of a girl who finds that the best way to fit in at school is to not actually fit at all.

About the Artist
Puppeteer Sarah Frechette, who splits her time between the east coast, Europe, and Portland, Oregon, has made stop-motion animation costumes for ParaNorman, as well as, the upcoming film Wendell & Wild, and has won the prestigious UNIMA Citation of Excellence.

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