Equity Principal Audition Local Calls

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March 21
at 10:00am

2015 Season LORT & TYA EPA


Call Type

LORT & TYA Contract
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

Saturday March 21, 2015


Bay Street Theater
The Long Wharf
Corner of Bay and Main Street
Sag Harbor NY


Scott Schwartz, Artistic Director
John Sullivan, Associate Producer


TYA Per Performance—Of Mice and Men


M/F Actors. Refer to Breakdown


1-2 minute Monologue
16 bars music (For musical only)


Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend.


The New Sincerity

By Alena Smith

Directed by Bob Balaban

Contract Dates (LORT): May 4-June 14, 2015

Character Breakdown

ROSE: Female Age 29, an idealist.

BENJAMIN: Male Age 32, a cynic. This role is cast. 

DJANGO: Male Age 23, an anarchist.

NATASHA: Female Age 22, an intern. This role is cast.


Other People’s Money

By Jerry Sterner

Directed by Lonny Price

Contract Dates (LORT): May 25-July 26, 2015

Character Breakdown 

WILLIAM COLES: Male, mid-forties. Attractive, polished, President of New England Wire and Cable. 

ANDREW JORGENSEN: Male, mid sixties, Chairman of New England Wire and cable,

BEA SULLIVAN: Female, sixties. Longtime assistant and friend of Jorgensen. An attractive woman.

LAWRENCE GARFINKLE: Male, about forty. An obese, elegant, cunning New York “takeover artist.” Hails from the Bronx and speaks in a “New York” accent. This role has been cast. 

KATE SULLIVAN: Female, about thirty-five. Bea’s daughter. An attractive, sexy, Wall Street attorney.


Grey Gardens

Book by Doug Wright

Music by Scott Frankel

Lyrics by Michael Korie

Directed by Michael Wilson

Music Director TBA

Contract Dates (LORT): July 6-August 30, 2015

 Character Breakdown

EDITH BOUVIER BEALE/”LITTLE” EDIE BEAL: Female, both roles are played by the same actor. Edith (Act I, age 40’s-50’s) is delusional regarding the health of her marriage and her talent as a singer; she needs the spotlight and is desperately afraid of losing her daughter. “Little” Edie (Act II, age 56) is full of regret at her missed opportunities, particularly regarding never having been married. Fragile herself, for many years she is the main caretaker for her mother, Edith. Legit soprano or mezzo-soprano. Principal.


EDITH BOUVIER BEALE: Female, appears in Act II only. 60’s-70’s. Posesses the ability to see her past life as a triumph; from an oustider’s point of view, she is a crazy cat lady recluse. Alto.


JOSEPH KENNEDY JR./JERRY: Male, both roles are played by the same actor. Joseph (20’s-30’s) is a handsome, young scion of a distinguished family; rigid in his morality and his concern regarding what others will think. Jerry (Late Teens) is a slacker with a kind heart who takes care of Edith and Edie in their later life at Grey Gardens. Tenor.


YOUNG “LITTLE” EDIE: Female, 20’s. Young, lovely and charismatic, she has come close to marrying several times, with each prospect destroyed by her mother. Mix/belt to D5, soprano to B-flat 6. Ensemble.


BROOKS SR./BROOKS JR: Male, 30’s-40’s, both roles are played by the same actor. African American. Brooks Sr. is the soul of discretion and works as a manservant during the prosperous years of Grey Gardens. Brooks Jr. does the same for the family in leaner times, 32 years later. Baritone. Ensemble.


JV “MAJOR” BOUVIER/NORMAN VINCENT PEALE: Male, 60’s-70’s, both roles are played by the same actor. Major Bouvier is a pillar of Wall Street; rules the house with a firm hand and firm philosophy; disapproves of his daughter and hates his wife’s singing. Normal Vincent Peale is a famous minister and best-selling author of “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Baritone. Ensemble.


GEORGE GOULD STRONG: Male, 30’s-40’s. Edith’s companion and artistic partner in crime; a pianist, George is also Edith’s accompanist; he is a gay man who makes no real effort to hide it, in a time that still required such things. Ability to actualy play the piano is not necessary. Baritone or tenor. Ensemble.


LEE BOUVIER: Female, age 8. A tomboy cousin of Edie’s. She is energetic and joyful, sharing her sister Jackie’s love of her Aunt Edith. Mix belt. Ensemble.


JACQUELINE “JACKIE” BOUVIER: Female, age 12. A cousin of Edie’s. Already fashionable at age 12, she is lovely, poised, and well-mannered, although dearly in love with her wacky Aunt Edith. Mix belt. Ensemble.




by John Steinbeck

Director --TBA

Contract Dates (TYA): October 12-November 28, 2015

Character Breakdown

GEORGE: Male, 20-30s. A small sharp-faced farm hand

LENNY: Male 20s-30s. George’s huge, not bright, companion

SLIM: Male. A jerk-line skinner, a master workman

CANDY: Male,50-70. An old swamper.

THE BOSS: Male, 40-50s, superintendent of the ranch

CURLEY: Male, 30s, the Boss’s son

CURLEY’S WIFE: Female, 20’s-30s

CARLSON: Male, 20-40, a ranch hand

WHIT: Male, 20-40, a ranch hand 

CROOKS: Black Male, 20-40, a stable buck